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Mat Pilates
Tuesdays 9am

 Mat Pilates is all about Pilates repertoire done on the mat without equipment (but with small props),  from essential to advanced. Pilates is a journey & seeing progress is exciting.  Modifications make the exercises accessible to all. Focusing on form & the importance of the mind body connections will enable you to move effectively & decrease risk of injury.


Aging Gracefully
Tues/Th. 10:30am

This class is perfect for those wanting a gentle movement session. Any age welcome! Small weights will be used to increase overall strength. Standing work is always incorporated to work towards better balance and stability and decrease risks of falls. The essentials of mat pilates is a staple to create a stronger core. This class is perfect for those wanting to work towards improved daily function. 


Barre/Ball Fusion
Wednesdays 9am

Combining Total Barre with the exercise ball (30 minutes each) is a great way to get & stay in shape! This class is a combination of Pilates, dance, balance/stability, cardio, & strength training & is adaptable to any fitness level. No dance background? No problem! It is a total body workout & a lot of fun...


Pilates Fusion
Thursdays 9am

Each  60 minute class will incorporate a different  small prop, light weights and possibly some Barre. The focus on form will be key as we use the prop to create a stronger connection. Core endurance with be developed & challenged.  This session will soon become a favorite!


Chair Pilates
Wednesdays 11am

This class is perfect for those who have difficulty getting down onto a mat.  This low impact  45 minute class will focus on strengthening 

muscles while improving flexibility and posture. We will incorporate different small props and standing work. 



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