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Fall 2023 Session
begins the week of September 11th



What is Pilates?

Pilates is a low impact method that aims to strengthen and stabilize muscles while improving flexibility, mobility and postural alignment.  This technique is precise and controlled, utilizing all the “little muscles” as well as the major (more familiar) ones.

Pilates is a practice that develops a mind-body connection that impacts everything you do, creating a sense of well being.

Why is Pilates for YOU?


Pilates benefits your body no matter what your fitness background, age, gender or body type: it is all inclusive. 


The benefits:

  • Strengthens core

  • Improves posture

  • Decreases risk of injury

  • Decreases back pain

  • Rehabilitates

  • Strengthens back muscles

  • Reduces risk of falls

  • Improves core endurance

  • Improves flexibility

  • Increases muscle strength

  • Improves balance

  • Improves athletic performance

  • Increases body awareness

  • Decreases stress

  • Promotes relaxation


Karen Copeland


I worked as a Registered Nurse for about 25 years, mostly in pediatrics and then transitioned to adult rehabilitation. Here is where my passion for health and wellness intensified.  I wanted to be able to educate about prevention as well as rehabilitation.


I am a wife and mother of 3 adult children. I have always instilled the value of an active lifestyle into my children and we would regularly run local races together.  It was running that directed me to Pilates, as it was a great fit for injury prevention. Pilates has been a part of my life since my very first class.  


Over the past 20 years I have run 7 marathons, and dozens of half marathons and 10kms. Some of my favourite adventures have been hiking the West Coast Trail and trekking the Camino Portuguese.  I have not experienced any significant injuries and I believe this is due to my dedication to training and of course, Pilates (and maybe some good genetics.)


After 10 years of personal Pilates practice, I pursued my instructor training and became a Certified STOTT Pilates Instructor in 2016. 

The Studio


PILATES Place is a boutique studio located in the heart of the foothills of Alberta, just 15 minutes west of Calgary. Here you will find a fun, welcoming environment where community is cultivated and movement is explored.  Every body is unique and at PILATES Place we strive to work with you to create a positive moving experience.



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